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The power plant from Moerdijk (Holland) is an example of renewable energy production. The plant itself is designed to turn more than 400,000 tonnes of poultry litter into electricity (so called “green electricity”) and reusable minerals for agriculture every year. The plant has a production capacity of approx. 36 MegaWatt; enough to provide more than 90,000 households with electricity. 

The power plant offers poultry farmers in the Netherlands an environmentally friendly way to dispose their poultry litter. The ENERGO company took part at the building of the this power plant by providing the supporting steel structures for the boilers. 

Steel structure "Chicken Litter Power Plant"

Location: Moerdijk/Holland
Scope of work: manufacturing and delivery
Supporting structure - "Chicken Litter Power Plant"
Client: Siemens Holland

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