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Steel Works

Steel Work is our main filed of activity. The entire production process is done in-house starting with raw materials up to the final assembly, grinding and painting. In order to achieve that, ENERGO has the following facilities:

  • 1 CNC equipment for oxyacetilene cutting (up to 160 mm thickness)
  • 3 manual plasma cutting devices (up to 45 mm thickness)
  • 3 semi-automatic carts for oxyacetilene cutting
  • 2 pneumatic cutters (up to 25 mm thickness)
  • 1 CNC bending machine for thicknesses up to 10 mm and lenghts up to 3000 mm
  • 1 traditonal bending device for thicknesses up to 15 mm and lenghts up to 3000 mm
  • 2 roll machines for thicknesses up to 30 mm and lenghts up to 3000 mm

The assembly and welding are done on the most of the production area. In the same area is also done the pre-assembly. The products are moved with 4 overhead travelling cranes of 32 tones. A special attention is given to welding process. In order to achieve this, we use:

  • 1 welding machine with flux layer at 1.000 A
  • 10 semi-automatic welding equipments MIG/MAG 500/600 A
  • 1 welding orbitalan 250 A
  • manual electric inverters with covered rods and WIG
  • rod dryer owens
  • welding devices and welding tables

Steel works references

Top Deck Bolier Beams - Civita Vechia - Italy 

The project developed for the italian company Ansaldo Caldae was a very challenging but also with great satisfactions. There were big top deck boiler beams.